Fresh roasted cofee from Fenster Cafe, Vienna Austria

Black Blend

Experience the authentic spirit of Italy with our specially curated dark roast, uniquely designed to deliver an intense and robust flavor profile. With a bitterness and strength that eclipses our other offerings, this coffee offers a bold exploration into the rich Italian tradition of coffee-making.

Specially crafted for use in fully automatic espresso machines, Italian-style espresso makers, and Turkish coffee pots, this dark roast exhibits versatility alongside its remarkable flavor.

Ideal for renowned brands like De'Longhi, Philips, Gaggia, and others, our dark roast brings out the very best in these machines, turning your daily cup of coffee into a sophisticated taste experience. Elevate your coffee ritual with the robust and unapologetically bold spirit of our special dark roast.

Whole beans
250 gramms (8.8 oz)
ORIGIN: Brazil / Mogiana
PRODUCER: Fazenda Roberto Alves
ALTITUDE: 900 – 1100 m
VARIETAL: Mundo Novo, Red Catuai / 100% Arabica
SCA Score: 81

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