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Coffee Beans Costa Rica Tarrazu Luis Eduardo Campos Caturra Catuai

Coffee Beans Costa Rica Tarrazu Luis Eduardo Campos Caturra Catuai

What is Coffee Drips

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Whole beans
250 gramms (8.8 oz)
ORIGIN: Costa Rica | Tarrazu
FARM: Several Smallholders / Luis Eduardo Campos
ALTITUDE: 1700 m
VARIETAL: Caturra Catuai / 100% Arabica
PROCESSING: fermented, termico
Best experience: from 3rd till 18th week from roast date
Roast date: find on the package

Luis Eduardo Campos

After graduating from the university in 1984, Don Luis Eduardo Campos, along with his family, founded a coffee farm in Piedades del Sur, Alajuela. From the outset, Don Luis has consistently sought new and innovative methods to enhance his coffee production. About a decade ago, he conceived the idea of anaerobic fermentation with the goal of extracting the natural flavors of coffee through a controlled fermentation process. After six years of research and testing, his anaerobic coffee was introduced. Luis is now recognized as a pioneer of anaerobic fermentation worldwide.

Processing TERMICO

The "Thermal" fermentation process is named for the specific fermentation temperature the coffee cherry undergoes, which enhances the malic and lactic acidities. This heightens the complexity and infuses the coffee with a more pronounced fruity character in its cup profile.

The process commences with the selection of cherries at their peak ripeness, ensuring they have a high sugar content. The thermal procedure then introduces the cherries to a temperature shock, approximately 70 degrees Celsius, for a brief duration. To achieve this, the coffee is pulped and then exposed directly to the sun. This sunlight exposure begins to break down the cherries' natural sugars, partially caramelizing them. This innovative technique bestows the coffee with an extraordinarily sweet and fruity flavor, leading to a round and balanced cup.

Subsequently, the coffee is thoroughly mixed, with additional mucilage incorporated, before being placed in a hermetically sealed tank. It is crucial to ensure that the tank is entirely sealed to prevent CO2 from escaping, which would inhibit pressure buildup. Throughout the 72 to 84-hour fermentation period, the tank's temperature is meticulously monitored. After the initial 15 hours, the pH is consistently checked to oversee the fermentation process.

The fermentation is halted once the mucilage's sugars have been fully consumed. As the CO2 is produced during fermentation, it exerts significant pressure on the beans, facilitating the infusion of the coffee juices into the parchment.

To conclude, the tanks are cautiously opened, the coffee is drained (noting that the gel in the tank at this stage is quite fluid), and then dried under the sun for roughly 22 days. This innovative method yields coffee with a multifaceted flavor profile and a well-rounded, balanced cup.

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