Our trusty Loring roaster is at the heart of our operations. It's a bit like a trusted friend - dependable, efficient, and always ready to get to work. It pairs perfectly with our Loring destoner, working together to prepare coffee that’s free from those pesky little stones and unwanted bits.

Making coffee isn't just an art, it's a science. That's where our Cropster software comes in. This nifty tool ensures everything runs smoothly when we roast. It's like the brains of the operation, keeping an eye on all the important factors like temperature and time.

Now, onto packaging. We like our coffee beans to stay fresh, and that's why we've got some of the best packaging equipment out there. Our coffee beans are sealed airtight and include a special valve for releasing CO2. This little trick keeps the beans fresh, just like they've come straight out of the roaster.

Have you ever wondered what makes your cup of coffee taste just perfect? That's down to our industrial grinders. They turn the beans into identical particles, ensuring a consistent and tasty brew.

Our packaging equipment for coffee drips does the same, packing the perfect amount of coffee into a paper filter for you to enjoy a fresh cup of coffee any time.

Here's a fun fact: we're coffee explorers at heart. We source our beans from the best of the best, from the lush landscapes of Brazil and Colombia to the rich soils of Kenya and Costa Rica. When we find a batch we love, we scoop it up entirely. We want you to taste the same exceptional coffee we do.

Our philosophy is simple: roast coffee that's as sweet as it can be, and lets the true flavors shine. We don’t believe in labeling coffee as "filter" or "espresso", or by roast color. It’s all about getting the best taste from each bean for any type of coffee. We don't add anything to enhance the flavor, because great coffee doesn't need it. And yes, we're our own biggest fans. We drink our own coffee every day and love it.

So there you have it, a glimpse into our coffee world, right here in a bustling industrial complex in Vienna. We're grateful for the resources we have to roast to our heart's content. And more than anything, we're excited to share the fruits of our labor with you. We hope you enjoy drinking our coffee as much as we enjoy making it. Cheers!